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 Ban Request

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PostSubject: Ban Request   Ban Request EmptyThu Feb 28, 2013 8:43 am

Username: Silence_!_ , ايهاب ,FuRuS
Reason: Map hack
Time Stamps: min 12 ( clicked on me while in fog, 12:40 also pointed at me while im in fog)...
min 14-19-23 obvious map hacking ,,,,
min 41 signal on me (in neutrals no wards) the same second i came , and then slark,gyro,and kunka ganked me
+ many times ping on alchemist or furion just when they get woods ....
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Head admin

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PostSubject: Re: Ban Request   Ban Request EmptyMon Mar 04, 2013 3:14 pm

!Granted.ايهاب is now timebanned from this channel until 20:12 on 03/05/2013.
Silence_!_ is now timebanned from this channel until 20:13 on 03/05/2013
!Denied.FuRuS suspicious is not enaugh .


Thank you for reporting.
Best Regards.
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Ban Request
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