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 Middle East's " About Team Captain "

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PostSubject: Middle East's " About Team Captain "   Sat May 11, 2013 2:07 am

This is a simple thread that introduces information about Team Captain Rank in The Middle East channel at Ranked Gaming Client.

How To Get A Team Captain Rank ?

Currently the 2 ways are:

- Playing 30 Games at Middle East.
- Playing 10 Games at Middle East with a 75% Win Ratio.

Currently as you all know we are in a Season at Middle East, I will personally host Team Captain Events (Points will also be included for the season) where the:

- User that dominates the Score Board (Getting First Place) gets a direct Team Captain Rank. (Picking Geomancer will not get you a Team Captain Rank because this hero can get full score by just leveling up)

- From time to time I'll be hosting a Mega Team Captain Event where all who join and play get free Team Captain Ranks. (In other words; 10 Team Captain Ranks will be given out for Free)

What are the Team Captain Rules ?

Getting a Team Captain Rank doesn't mean your better than the others, or means that you won't get demoted or banned like the others.

- You cannot Abuse your Rank.
- You cannot Flame.
- You are a normal just the face that you can host a personal game at Middle East.

What Can A Team Captain Do/Forbidden to Do ?

A Team Captain Can:

]- Use !HosT (To host his own Game)
- Can use !wim or !ping, checking the non-ready players or the pings respectively while on a lobby.
- Can !RmK the Game if and ONLY if 1 players disconnects or leaves voluntarily below 5 minutes of the game ; In other words if a user leaves and the game is at 1-2-3-4 minutes the Team Captain can !Rmk. If its 5+ minutes he Cant.
- A Team Captain can use !swap Freely if and ONLY if HE HAS HOSTED THE GAME. If the Game was signed by 10 players he CANNOT use swap on any player without permission.

A Team Captain Cannot:

- !Start or !Start Force in a lobby.
- Cannot !RmK a game that is in 5+ minutes because his Team "Fed" or his Team is "Noob" Team Captains should deal with this.
- Cannot Play with !Latency.
- Cannot use !Swap in a signed game without the permission of the Players.

Failure to do so gets demoted !

Team Captain Rank Expire Date ?

A user can never loose his Team Captain rank if he has:

- Played 30 Games in a Previous season or a current season.
- Played 10 Games with a 75% Win Ratio.
- Is a Previous Team Captain But is Active (Playing 1 Game per Day or a Total of 6 games per week)

A user CAN loose his Team Captain Rank if he is:

- Inactive
- Abuses his Rank.
- Abuses other players in anyway.
- Abuses Staff members in anyway.
- Breaking Team Captain Rules.

This has been my Thread Towards the Team Captain Rules at Middle East if you have any further question(s) contact me at RGC.

/w !ReD! (Admin)
/w Thor (Head Admin)
/w OneX (Head Admin)
Thank you ; )
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PostSubject: Re: Middle East's " About Team Captain "   Sun May 12, 2013 2:35 am

Much better, great job.


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PostSubject: Re: Middle East's " About Team Captain "   Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:44 pm

Good luck to those with tc and you will come to no thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Middle East's " About Team Captain "   

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Middle East's " About Team Captain "
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