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 Middle East Recruitment [Closed]

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PostSubject: Middle East Recruitment [Closed]   Sun May 12, 2013 8:38 am

This is The Open & Simple Thread for signing up yo get a chance to be one of the staff members of Middle East on Ranked Gaming Client.

We Hope that you develop with us the most sufficient society conserving the alliance in every entity putting in practice every distinct characteristic of fellowship and administering a better experience of serving the Middle East community.

Application -

>>> RGC Username:
>>> How long are you active:
>>> How can you help Middle East:
>>> Have you ever played at Middle East (Which Mode if Yes):
>>> Explain your attitude:
>>> Why do you want to join us:
>>> Links, Channel Names of any contributions you have done previously:
>>> Why should we pick you not any other user trying to sign up:

Personal Info -


1) We use European Bots.
2) All your posts will be looked through.
3) If you want to sign up and you don't have an account on www.MiddleEast.Forumotion.com kindly register or ask !ReD! on RGC.
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PostSubject: Re: Middle East Recruitment [Closed]   Sun May 12, 2013 3:36 pm

- Username: XxX(X)x$$x(xXx]
- How long am i active: 5-7h daily
- How can i help?: Well i have tons of experience in RGC i've been around for so long, i know how to manage a room, i know how to react with people, i know how to play 2000+ Games, 5000 pts in EU Public. And i can advertise and bring people to the room.
- Yes i have played in middle east before, mode: -ap
- Attitude: I am friendly and can be a smartass if needed, rules apply for everyone no exceptions (equality), I can be the nicest guy if you're nice to me and vice versa
- I want to join you guys because i love the middle east there alot of arabs on RGC and i believe with right and proper ways we can bring them all to the middle east and have a very successful room, middle east room is full of potentials.
- Syria, I had my own room, My brother was RGC staff, i had soo many ranks, but i left RGC then i came back.
- Pick me because i have experience and alot of it weather it's forum wise/channel wise/advertisement etc. . . + i believe in eqaulity
Personal Info:
Name: Zaid Rawas
Age: 19
Country: Living in Canada ( Born In Lebanon ) [50%Lebanese 25%Chinese 25%Canadian]

ThankYou soo much.
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PostSubject: Re: Middle East Recruitment [Closed]   Thu May 16, 2013 10:15 am

RGC Username : `Electric

Age : 18

Country : Philippines

Known Languages : English, Tagalog.

Activeness: 13-15 hours a day

Interests/Talents : Well im mostly interested in helping out the people , playing dota , a little bit about graphic designing and management (any field)

Experience: Forum management,, Playing dota since 4 years

Motive :
1) To eradicate the maphack(ers).
2) To help the gamers if they got any problem. I`ve been on RGC since one year and I better know what gamers want. They want satisfying games. Games where nobody quits, nobody spoils the game, nobody talks trash, nobody spams on the room chat...etc...
3) To create a better and gaming environment for gamers
4) To get rid off those leavers in RGC.
I'll contribute my level best !
5) U will never regret and i would love to be your staff team member.
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Head admin

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PostSubject: Re: Middle East Recruitment [Closed]   Fri May 17, 2013 9:19 am

Congratz For XxX(X)x$$x(xXx]


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PostSubject: Re: Middle East Recruitment [Closed]   

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Middle East Recruitment [Closed]
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