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 Ban by MokA

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Ban by MokA Empty
PostSubject: Ban by MokA   Ban by MokA EmptyFri Nov 23, 2012 7:55 pm

Channel: Middle East
Player: (7aNsh) SnowShovell GoAroundAndKil2
Reason: Maphacker+ Leavers
Replay: http://www.rankedgamingparser.com/view_replay.php?file=1353714312.w3g
Time Tamp: 45:18 |cFF006400(7aNsh) (Strygwyr)|r clicked Stone Giant 45:26 |cFF006400(7aNsh) (Strygwyr)|r clicked Shadow Fiend 45:47 |cFF006400(7aNsh) (Strygwyr)|r clicked Stone Giant 46:6 |cFF006400(7aNsh) (Strygwyr)|r clicked Stone Giant 46:7 |cFF006400(7aNsh) (Strygwyr)|r clicked Black Drake 46:9 |cFF006400(7aNsh) (Strygwyr)|r clicked Stone Giant 46:15

(03:40) |cFFFF0000RGC: SnowShovell has left the game voluntarily.
(05:10) |cFFFF0000RGC: GoAroundAndKil2 has left the game voluntarily.

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Ban by MokA
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