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 How to post a ban request (MH/AFK/Gameruining)

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How to post a ban request (MH/AFK/Gameruining) Empty
PostSubject: How to post a ban request (MH/AFK/Gameruining)   How to post a ban request (MH/AFK/Gameruining) EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 9:10 am

The basic thread content should be :
Quote :
Username :
Room :
Reason :
Replay :
Timestamps :
Explain what happened:

Sample Ban Request
Quote :
Username : ONEX
Room : (Europe) Public
Reason : Maphacker
Replay : http://www.rankedgamingparser.com/
Timestamps : Suspicious move at 15:12.
Explain what happened: bla bla blaa

Important Notes :
1) Type in proper English and make sure the username you type is 100% correct and legit, to make sure the ban is done for the proper user.
2) Requests which do not follow the rules laid in this thread won't be entertained and closed immediately.
3) While reporting make sure you aren't repeating the same ban request as done by others. Try to go through the section once quickly. It would hardly take a minute.
4) If you are reporting maphackers, try to give as much information as you can. For example timestamps with suspicious incidents.
5) Do not report for bad gameplay or "Noobism". It is not a ban-able offense in public rooms.
6) Upload the replay at http://www.rankedgamingparser.com/ or add it as an attachment
7) All decisions made by the Admins are final.
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How to post a ban request (MH/AFK/Gameruining)
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