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 Report Maphacker

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PostSubject: Report Maphacker   Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:34 pm

Replay: Lost replay but i can get the game id i dont know if its possible to get the replay from it he played many games here and in all games a proof of mh also he did fog clicks in the last game he played here.
Fog clicks:21:21 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Weaver)|r clicked Soul Keeper
0:32 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Lina)|r clicked Tinker
0:36 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Lina)|r clicked Sand King
1:52 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Lina)|r clicked Moon Rider
1:54 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Lina)|r clicked Sand King
4:23 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Morphling)|r clicked Moon Rider
4:28 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Morphling)|r clicked Morphling
4:53 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Morphling)|r clicked Drow Ranger
5:36 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Morphling)|r clicked Drow Ranger
5:40 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Morphling)|r clicked Oblivion
8:54 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Batrider)|r clicked Drow Ranger
16:37 |cFF00FFFFfuckenpeople (Rooftrellen)|r clicked Witch Doctor


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Head admin
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PostSubject: Re: Report Maphacker   Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:34 am

!Denied Cannot Ban without a replay


Thank you for reporting.
Best Regards.
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Report Maphacker
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