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 Middle East Rules.

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Middle East Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Middle East Rules.   Middle East Rules. EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 8:03 am

Note: If you break any of these following rules you will get banned or unvouched.

•Stay friendly & mannered all the time in forum or in channel
•No pornographic, racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive text or pictures are allowed in profiles or anywhere on the site.
• Using any kind of hacks will result in a permanent ban.
• Main languages in forum & in channel & in games should be English or Arabic any other languages is not allowed.
• Flaming admins or ignoring them is not allowed.
• Multi-Account is not allowed it will result an unvouch.
•Asking for ranks is not allowed.
•Spamming is not allowed in Channel or in game.
•Fake sign is allowed.
•Advertising for other channels is not allowed.

General Rules

• Latest and current map: 6.76c
•5v5 & 5v4 games only will be counted
•If a player disconnects/leaves before 7 min both teams will be obligated to remake the game by using '!votermk' command any game that doesn't follow rules will not be counted.
•If you remake the game all players must choose exactly the same heroes and same items. Additionally all heroes must be in the same lane as they were from the first game and all wards must be placed on the same places or not placed. After creep contact on the lane you can change lanes.
•Back door is not allowed.
•only staff can use !rmk command or in special cases team captain can.
•Going Afk or Leaving a game will result a ban.
•Every team is allowed with 3 pauses & every team should announce to the players in 'All' that he will pause and before Unpausing he shall count down 1 2 3 4 & check for no Afker's
•Don't use swap unless both players agreed.

Staff Banning Chart

- Power abuse = immediate demote + 3 Days Ban [No Chances]
​​- Spamming= Kick then -1st warn 1 day , 2nd warn 3 days , 3rd warn 8 days , 4th warn UNVOUCH.
​- Leaving/Afking/Low-Skill = 1st warn 5 days, 2nd warn 7 days , 3rd warn 10 days , 4th warn Unvouch.
​- Game ruin [stealing items, feeding on purpose, in-game] = 1st warn 5 days , 2nd warn 7 days , 3rd warn 10 days , 4th warn UNVOUCH.
​-Racism = 1st Warn 5 days , 2nd warn 7 days , 3rd warn 10 days , 4th warn UNVOUCH.
-Flaming religions/God = 1st Warn 15 Days , 2nd Warn UNVOUCH [Only 1 Chance Allowed In This Case]
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Middle East Rules.
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